Included here, are some of my photos that have appeared on various journal covers.

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Rea, R.V. 2017. Use of fine-textured, mineral-rich soils by a Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus) in north-central British Columbia. American Midland Naturalist 178:290-297. [View Online]

Scheideman, M.C., R.V. Rea, G. Hesse, L. Soong, C.J. Green, C. Sample, and A. Booth. 2017. Use of wildlife camera traps to aid in wildlife management planning at airports. Journal of Airport Management 11:408-419. [View Online]

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Rea, R.V., C.J. Johnson, B. Murray, D. Hodder and S. Crowley. 2016. Timing moose pellet collections to increase genotyping success of fecal DNA. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 7:461-466. [PDF]

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Rea, R.V., O. Hjeljord, M. Gillingham. 2015. Factors influencing the use of willow and birch by moose in winter. European Journal of Wildlife Research 61:231-239. [PDF]

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Rea, R.V. 2014. A preliminary assessment of moose (Alces alces) winter diets in the Aleza Lake Research Forest in north-central British Columbia. Wildlife Afield 11:50-53. [PDF]

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Rea, R.V., O. Hjeljord, S. Härkönen. 2013. Differential selection of North American and Scandinavian conifer browse by northwestern moose (Alces alces andersoni) in winter. Acta Theriologica. DOI 10.1007/s13364-013-0170-9. [View Online]

Hodder, D.P., Rea, R. V. and S. Crowley. 2013. Forage content and diet overlap of sympatric mule deer, moose, and elk in mule deer winter range areas of north-central British Columbia, Canada. Canadian Wildlife Biology and Management 2:43-50. [PDF]

Rea, R.V., C.L. Stumpf, and D. P. Hodder. 2013. Visitations by snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus) to and possible geophagy of materials from an iron-rich excavation in north-central British Columbia. Canadian Field Naturalist 127:26-30. [PDF]

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Rea, R. V. 2012. The infuence of Willow (Salix sp.) rose insect galls on Moose (Alces alces) winter browsing. Canadian Field Naturalist 126:189-193. [PDF]

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Rea, R.V. 2012. Road Safety Implications of Moose Inhabiting an Urban-Rural Interface. Urban Habitats 7:8pp. [View Online | PDF]

2011 Back to Top

Rea, R.V. and A.L. Booth. 2011. Mid-winter use of aspen bark by moose in a favorable and browse abundant environment. Wildlife Afield 8:104-107. [PDF]

Rea, R.V. 2011. Impacts of moose (Alces alces) browsing on paper birch (Betula papyrifera) morphology and potential timber quality. Silva Fennica 45:227-236. [PDF]

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2009 Back to Top

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2008 Back to Top

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2007 Back to Top

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2006 Back to Top

Rea, R.V., E.K. Rapaport, D.P. Hodder, M.V. Hurley and N. A. Klassen. 2006. Using Wildlife Vehicle Collision Data, Expert Opinions and GPS Technology to More Accurately Predict and Mitigate Vehicular Collisions with Wildlife in Northern British Columbia. Wildlife Afield
3:111-116. [PDF]

2005 Back to Top

Rea, R.V. and R.V. Rea Sr. 2005. Of moose and mud. Public Roads 69:32-39. US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, Washington DC. [PDF]

2004 Back to Top

Rea, R.V., D.P. Hodder and K.N. Child. 2004. Considerations for natural mineral licks used by moose in land use planning and development. Alces 40:161-167. [PDF]

2003 Back to Top

Rea, R.V. 2003. Modifying roadside vegetation management practices to reduce vehicular collisions with moose. Wildlife Biology
9:81-91. [PDF]

2002 Back to Top

Rea, R.V. 2002. Protecting wildlife from traffic. World Highways 11:31. [PDF]

2001 Back to Top

Rea, R.V. and M.P. Gillingham. 2001. The impact of the timing of brush management on the nutritional value of woody browse for moose Alces alces. Journal of Applied Ecology 38:710-719. [PDF]

Rea, R.V. 2001. Canadian nights: A chameleon tests the limits of the term "cold-blooded". Reptiles 9:100. [PDF]