About Roy V. Rea

I have been working as a Senior Lab Instructor in the Ecosystem Science and Management Program since July 2000.

I currently teach the following courses:

  • Introductory Biology 2
  • Field Applications in Resource Management (Forestry Field Camp)
  • Plant Systems Labs

Degrees Held:

B.Sc., Biological Sciences, California State University, Stanislaus (1992)
M.Sc., Biology, University of Northern British Columbia (1999)
Doctor Philosophiae, Ecology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (2014)
<Doctor Philosophiae Thesis>

My research interests are 4-fold and include:

  1. Determining strategies for mitigating wildlife-related vehicular collisions
  2. Plant-animal interactions
  3. Field-based education
  4. Considerations for special landscape features (e.g., mineral licks, bear dens, wildlife trees) in forest planning and management.
Watch some clips from Moose Attacks on YouTube

Moose Attack: Discovery Channel Documentary

Much of my research on moose-human interactions is being featured in a 1-hour Discovery Channel Documentary called "Moose Attack." The program is currently airing in the United States, Australia and South East Asia. Some clips from this documentary can be seen on YouTube. A National Geographic documentary currently airing in the UK and titled "Moose Rampage" also features my research on moose-vehicle collision mitigation and moose-aircraft collision mitigation. See the trailer on National Geographic TV.

Smithsonian Magazine

The Hidden Dangers of Road Salt: It clears our roads, but also spells danger for fish, moose—and sometimes humans. Read more.